300 m2 pure running in the heart of the city of Berne.

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“Birds fly, Fish swim, Humans run”. These are the words of the running legend Emil Zatopek. The Olympic hero from the Czech Republic was outstanding with his training method on the 400m-track. At that time, in the 1950s, running was mainly a sport for elite runners. Large city marathons did not yet exist, and terms like “jogging” or “trail running” had not yet been born.
Running has become a mass phenomenon in the 70 years since Zatopek’s Olympic victories. Walking along the Aare, jogging with office colleagues in the city center, the trail running experience on alpine paths: The spectrum of running forms is almost endless just like the number of running shoe models and brands. There is no such thing as “best running shoe” – but there is for sure a shoe that matches your personal running needs. At 4feet, we help you find it!


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Our brands offer is unique and we keep updating it. As runners and entrepreneurs, we care about our planet. We question the sustainability ideas of our brands and support niche brands with new and fresh ideas. To be honest: it’s still a long way to go.



Our team is a mix of runners with completely different backgrounds. Some of us are experienced Marathoners and many of us transformed the hobby into a profession. For all of us running is a passion and a lifestyle.



No matter if the gift is for your friends or even for yourself: You are never wrong with the 4Feet “Geschenkgutschein” and you avoid the risk of a wrong size or colour.

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Here we show you the latest products from our huge running sports range. Plus information on current events and test events, new staff, and special opening hours during public holidays.

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