Keep it simple.

You do not need a reservation for your next running shoe or equipment consultation. Our team brings a lot of experience from different running sports (road, trail, multisport). On Saturdays, short waiting times for the consultations are possible.

Your used shoe tells a story

Your used running shoes reveal more than complicated treadmill analyses. If possible, bring your old running shoes with you or make sure you know what model is your favorite.

Are you a beginner in running? It's never too late!

You plan to start walking or running. In addition to comprehensive advice on the selection of your equipment, we will also share with you our experience in training tips to build up your training in order to prevent overloading or frustration. Make sure you will have enough time for your visit to 4feet – it’s worth it.

Tell us about your running habits

How often do you run? How many years do you run already? Which sports do you practice beside running? Did you have any problems with your last running shoes? What is your running goal? These are some of the questions, we will ask you before starting the shoe try-on. Of course, we also make a short check of your feet (foot shape, ankle stability, leg position) in order to get a complete picture.

Just run and experience your own feeling.

We give you different brands and shoemodels to try on. You have the possibility to run with the different shoes in our spacy shop. We even have a short artificial mountain trail for test runs. In addition, it’s, of course, possible to run outside, in case of rain, you’ll be protected by the arcades of Bern. After every single test runs, you will share with us your first impressions: too hard, too soft, not stable enough, and so on. Your feedback helps us to narrow down the selection of shoe models. After all, the most important thing is your personal feeling. Keep it simple.


Give a Running gift

Whether you are giving a gift to your loved ones or yourself, with a gift card to shop at 4feet, you are for sure not getting the wrong size or color.

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